PIU in english

PIU – Practical Training Abroad Students from the 3D College Denmark have the opportunity of participating in short or long term practical training (PIU) abroad. On the basis of approval of your business by 3D College, you have, as a foreign business, the opportunity of having a trainee. Evaluation will be made on the basis of the tasks the trainee is expected  to carry out and on what he or she can be expected to learn. A practical training cooperation with 3D College implies that we support and supervise both you as a company and the student in planning the course of the training, so you can concentrate on making your mark on the 3D talents of the future. A traineeship can last for all of the students main education, working at a company for 1.5 (60 weeks) years and flexing back and forth at school for a total of 1 year (40 weeks). Shorter arrangements can also be made based on individual agreements between student and company, as illustrated in this model: Trainee-Animation (ENG) Process When contact to a foreign company/department has been established, our PIU coordinator will offer to screen relevant candidates from among our 150 students. Thus, both the student and the company obtains the best prerequisites for a good match. The process can be illustrated as follows: PIU-grafk.fw Financial support to trainees A trainee abroad is eligible to receive a small sum from the Danish state for the following:

  • Travel expenses in connection with job interviews abroad – up to 3 times a year
  • Travel expenses in connection with holidays and public holidays in the case of longer stays
  • Travel expenses in connection with obligatory classes in Denmark
  • Support to initial deposit for accommodation abroad
  • Support to deposit abroad
  • Support to rent abroad
  • Wage compensation during stay at Danish school

Salary  for trainees It is expected that trainees will receive salaries according to the collective wage agreements for apprentices/trainees in the country in question, and, in cases where such agreements do not exist, trainees will receive a salary that corresponds to the average cost of living for a trainee in the said country. 11111120_10153465910204924_8032168119584530761_n PIU instruction Rasmus Lang Eriksen 3D-College and Webit Aarhus coordinator Tel: (weekdays between 9 and 4pm): +45 29386244 Mail: rler@videndjurs.dk